Songs of Faith: “Amazing Grace”

One of the most amazing conversion stories involves a sailor named John Newton. Once a captain of a slave ship, he eventually repented and became an Anglican priest who wrote the beloved hymn “Amazing Grace.” But the journey Newton took from slave ship operator to abolitionist was long and winding. See how his journey ledContinue reading “Songs of Faith: “Amazing Grace””

Songs of Faith: “Be Thou My Vision”

Mothers help protect and nurture us. They also help cast a vision for our lives. We use the story of Jochebed and Moses to help celebrate Mother’s Day as we spotlight the song “Be Thou My Vision.” Thanks again to Todd’s wife, Rev. Amy Seifert, for playing the featured song for this episode on piano.Continue reading “Songs of Faith: “Be Thou My Vision””

Songs of Faith: “It is Well with My Soul”

The hymns we sing shape us. So what shaped the hymns? “It is Well with My Soul” comes from a haunting cable after a shipwreck and is testimony to the amazing faith of Horatio Spafford. See how Jesus calmed the sea in the Bible and how He can calm the rugged seas in your life,Continue reading “Songs of Faith: “It is Well with My Soul””

Doubting Thomas — Believe it … or Not

Poor Thomas was really no different than any of the other disciples. He needed to see the wounds on Jesus’ body before he believed. Using the story of Thomas and the creative tales from Robert Ripley — of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” fame, we explore how we have seen the risen Christ in actionContinue reading “Doubting Thomas — Believe it … or Not”

Easter 2022 — In An Instant

Our lives change in an instant — actually one instant after another, from the time we are a child until we take our last breath. The Easter story is an example of lives changing in an instant. Through the story of Mary Magdalene and a more contemporary story of an abandoned boy, we explore howContinue reading “Easter 2022 — In An Instant”

Goin’ Fishin’ (And Giving Up Some Independence)

Many of us know well the story of Jesus calling the first disciples and how they would “fish for people.” But in that same story is a lesson about independence — specifically how there are bigger and better things ahead if we are willing to give up some of our independence as we trust andContinue reading “Goin’ Fishin’ (And Giving Up Some Independence)”

Purple Zone part 2 — Introduction to an Issue Guide

The Rev. Dr. Leah Schade returns to “In Layman’s Terms” to pick up on the conversation we stared in 2021 about her book, “Preaching in the Purple Zone.” In this episode, she shares an issue guide designed to help United Methodists discuss LGBTQIA+ inclusion and the upcoming General Conference. Download the episode. Request access toContinue reading “Purple Zone part 2 — Introduction to an Issue Guide”