Todd Seifert provides a podcast that usually appears on this site Fridays. One podcast each month is a story or interview that reflects on the Christian faith by telling the story of a person, a congregation or even a community.

Other weeks, Todd provides reflections on scriptures in the Bible. His passion is for helping the Bible come alive for people who either haven’t read the Bible before, find the Bible confusing or who simply want a refresher on what the passages mean for us in the 21st century.

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Podcast - In Layman's Terms

Episode 11: Culture of Call Part 2— In the second of two episodes exploring the concept of a culture of call, Todd talks with the Rev. Ashlee Alley Crawford, coordinator of clergy recruitment and development for the Great Plains Conference of The United Methodist Church. In their discussion, Ashlee shares resources available to local churches, young adults and others to help them explore their call into ministry — whether that be pastoral ministry or as part of their secular vocation — and how everyday Christians can nurture their own calls as well as the calls of other people.

Episode 10: Culture of Call Part 1— The Madison Effect — In the first of a two-episode exploration of culture of call, Todd talks with Gary Robbins, author of “The Madison Effect,” about why he wrote the book, some of the concepts he introduces and how Gary thinks churches can create a culture of call in their congregations.

Episode 9: Parables of Lost Things — Some people feel lost. They don’t think they deserve love or respect. Jesus tells us through the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin that while we may be lost, He never stops searching for us. To Jesus, we are the valuable sheep that has wandered off. We are the highly valued coin that has been misplaced. Through these parables, Jesus teaches that we are loved, we are highly desired, and we are of great value to God. Download a transcript (minus commercials).

Episode 8: Parable of the Good Samaritan — We continue our exploration of what Jesus taught by using parables. In this episode, we look at the widely known parable of the Good Samaritan. Even if you don’t know the story, you probably know the term. But what does it really mean? What was Jesus trying to teach us? And who, exactly, is our “neighbor”? Download a transcript (minus commercials).
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Episode 7: Parable of the Prodigal Son — Todd starts a series of Bible-teaching episodes on some of Jesus’ parables with a look at the Prodigal Son. This story teaches us many things and makes us ponder even more. But Todd shares in this reflection how the story of the younger son teaches that nobody is too far gone, too lost to find his or her way back to the God who yearns to see them appear over the horizon. Download a transcript (minus commercials).

Episode 6: The Christmas Story — In this Bible-teaching episode, Todd walks through the Christmas story by merging the first few chapters of the books of Matthew and Luke to share how Jesus came into our world. Download a transcript (minus commercials).

Episode 5: God’s motive for sending Jesus to Earth— In this Bible-teaching episode, Todd points us to a familiar verse, John 3:16. But he looks beyond that verse to the following three to provide a framework for explaining why God sent the Son, Jesus, to live among people and, ultimately, to die for our sins. Download a transcript (minus commercials)

Episode 4: Jesus as the Light of the World — In this Bible-teaching episode, Todd shares a reflection on John 1:1-18 and explains how the opening poetry of this gospel introduces Jesus as the light of the world. Learn how the darkness in the shadows of life don’t have to be permanent, nor do they have to be scary, because Jesus will be the light to drown out the darkness amid many circumstances. Download a transcript (minus commercials)

Episode 3 — In this story episode, Todd tells the story of the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship. A quick glance reveals nothing grand about this organization on the campus of Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas. Oh, it’s a fine building, but it’s relatively small, with three or four office spaces, one larger hall space for gatherings. It looks like nothing special, but looks are deceiving. Just as King David started off small in stature, this small institute has blossomed. In fact, some mighty big things regarding relationships with Christ happen because of what takes place here.

Episode 2 — In this story episode, Todd talks about how the days of opening the church doors to find a waiting crowd eager to take their seats are long since gone. Now, many other activities occupy people on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. So, how can you make a connection?  In this episode, he looks at three churches — two in Nebraska and one in Kansas — that use a variety of techno-tools to connect with their congregations outside of Sundays while also reaching new people, even folks who otherwise likely would not willingly set foot inside a church without first making these kinds of connections.

Episode 1 — In this premiere episode, Todd tells the story about brokenness and resurrection of an entire town. On May 4, 2007, the Rev. Terry Mayhew found out he was being moved from Plains and Kismet United Methodist Churches to the town of Greensburg. Less than an hour later, a tornado nearly wiped Greensburg off the map. Or at least the twister would have killed the town, if not for the hope provided by faith in Jesus, the determination of residents, and people from both near and far working together to serve as Christ’s hands and feet in a shattered community.