Two books provide labor of love on Labor Day weekend

It’s Labor Day as I write this, and I have just completed what turned out to be a fairly relaxing weekend of reading about some rather heavy subjects. These books – “Love Wins” by Rob Bell and “Isaiah 53 Explained” by Mitch Glaser – actually were quite easily read. Both authors used short sentences andContinue reading “Two books provide labor of love on Labor Day weekend”

Remembering our dear friend Yogi

The darned dog wagged his tail to the very end. Meanwhile, I was crying like a baby. I’m choosing to write this to work through the grief of having to put our beloved Yogi to sleep today. A fast-growing cancer had started in his spleen and appeared to have advanced to his liver and lungs.Continue reading “Remembering our dear friend Yogi”

Young adults use technology to feed others

We, as a society, tend to be critical of young adults. We older folks see many millennials and so-called Gen Z’ers as having a sense of entitlement, that they lack commitment to a career, or that they don’t understand how the world actually works. That may be true for some young adults, but the sameContinue reading “Young adults use technology to feed others”

Magazine inspires while opening readers to the world

Few things inspire me more than reading something that leaves me feeling smarter than I did before that experience. It’s why I read books about history, subscribe to a daily newspaper and, perhaps above all of those publications, eagerly await my monthly edition of National Geographic magazine. Let’s be clear about two things. First: IContinue reading “Magazine inspires while opening readers to the world”

Inspire by leading people “off the map”

One of the key components to inspiration, at least for me, is content that helps me learn and expand my horizons. I found such content recently in a book titled “Canoeing the Mountains,” by Tod Bolsinger. The author – the former pastor of large Presbyterian congregations and now the vice president and chief of leadershipContinue reading “Inspire by leading people “off the map””

The world needs some positive energy

Inspiration. How would you describe it? For many of us, it’s something we feel, but we don’t really recognize it until we experience it. And the experiences that cause us to truly be inspired vary widely from person to person. This site is dedicated to what I find inspiring, and I hope that you do,Continue reading “The world needs some positive energy”