Youth Sports

My love for photography started shooting photos of my kids playing sports. It’s also where I found a renewed inspiration in the competitive spirit of kids doing their best while having fun playing games.

High School Sports

Dreams start in childhood, but they start to take hold in high school. From the beginnings of the freshmen team to the bright lights of varsity competition, kids on fields and in gyms everywhere are doing great things playing sports while learning about life.

Musical Events

My musical talent begins and ends with the pushing the play/stop button on my phone or MP3 player. So the people who can play instruments, dance and sing to tell the story of the human condition inspire me.


People are awesome! They ways they react to the world around them provide great views of the emotions that make us who we are. This gallery shares some of my favorite candid shots from events and places I attend.


God’s creation never seems to fail. I’ve had the privilege of living in Midwestern farm country, the upper Midwest and in the high desert of Southern Utah. When you look with an open mind, beauty and, yes, inspiration, can be found everywhere.


I’d love to know what goes through the minds of animals, from the tigers fighting in this gallery to my dog, Yogi (also in the album).