The world needs some positive energy


How would you describe it? For many of us, it’s something we feel, but we don’t really recognize it until we experience it. And the experiences that cause us to truly be inspired vary widely from person to person.

This site is dedicated to what I find inspiring, and I hope that you do, too. Let me share where I find inspiration on a regular basis.

First, I draw inspiration from the scriptures that tell us about the abundant love of God and the salvation available to all through Jesus, the Christ. I am a United Methodist, and I don’t apologize for this site being home to my studies of the Bible and my thoughts on contemporary, scholarly work of others on what the scriptures tell us in the 21st century.

I draw inspiration from great stories. I had the privilege of serving as a journalist for 20 years as a copy editor, page designer, reporter and editor. I’ve seen some of the worst of humanity because of that profession. But I’ve also seen some of the very best — people who rose above tremendous obstacles to achieve their dreams. As I see those stories, I’ll share them with you here.

And yes, those stories are out there.

I also find inspiration in competition and music, especially those exhibited in the athletic competitions and artistic performances of young people. They aren’t being paid for their talents, yet they put in hours upon hours of work to improve in their sport or to push their creative talents. One of my favorite things to do is take photos of young people participating in their activities. Their on-the-field successes and defeats prepare them for the adulthood that is closer on the horizon than they realize.

Finally, I draw inspiration from nature. God’s gorgeous earth has evolved over millions of years. And now we get to enjoy the beautiful landscape as we hike, bike, swim, boat and relax in meadows, amid mountains and alongside lakes. I’m not a great nature photographer, but I do my best. I hope you enjoy the images that inspired me enough to take the photo and post it here.

If you’re inspired, please send me an email with your photo and/or story. Please understand that doing so indicates, unless otherwise noted clearly, that you give me permission to share by posting your story or image either partially or it their entirety for others to see.

People can learn from you.

People can gain from your experience.

And, yes, they can find inspiration.

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