Magazine inspires while opening readers to the world

Few things inspire me more than reading something that leaves me feeling smarter than NG picI did before that experience. It’s why I read books about history, subscribe to a daily newspaper and, perhaps above all of those publications, eagerly await my monthly edition of National Geographic magazine.

Let’s be clear about two things. First: I love science. Second: I am terrible at science.

But I love to learn, and my monthly science lesson arrives via mail in the form of National Geographic magazine. Whether it’s a graphic that shares something mysterious about birds (a yearlong project for the magazine in 2018) or a story about the balance between the needs of people and animals on the African continent or an in-depth piece about the importance of sleep – complete with what happens in each stage of sleep – I walk away smarter about my world than before I started reading.

And all of those things were just included in the most recent issue!

Some stories go on for pages and pages, likely reaching 10,000 words in length (I’ve never stopped to count). Some are brief but powerful, such a recent story that shared the story of health care challenges in the wartorn country of Yemen.

Geography, sociology, psychology, kinesiology, history, issues facing jam-packed urban areas and sparsely populated rural corners of the globe, religion, health and meteorology are all but a few of the subjects approached by skilled writers, talented photojournalists and the most amazing photographers you’ll ever encounter.

I must confess that though I am a huge sports fan and enjoy reading sports magazines and sports sections, I only subscribe to one magazine. And it’s because of the way it grabs my attention and holds it.

I won’t say that I read every issue cover to cover, but I ready about 80 percent of every issue. And, indeed, there are times when I read every single word.

If you’re looking to learn more about the world around you, I highly recommend a 12-month subscription to National Geographic.

Learn more about how to subscribe.

Published by Todd Seifert

I serve in communications ministry in The United Methodist Church. I love to tell stories, share the good news of Jesus Christ and, along the way, play with the camera from time to time. I'm a sinner trying desperately to do this thing we call life the best I can.

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