Institute in small college makes disciples worldwide

Wilke institute

Southwestern College — home of the Mound Builders — is tucked away in Winfield, Kansas, a small school in a small town southeast of Wichita. And tucked away on one corner of this secluded campus is the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship.

A quick glance reveals nothing grand. It’s a fine building, but it’s relatively small, with three or four office spaces, one larger hall space for gatherings.

It looks like nothing special.

But looks are deceiving. God said as much to the prophet Samuel when the man was looking for the next king of Israel.

Just as King David started off small in stature, this small institute has blossomed. In fact, some mighty big things regarding relationships with Christ happen because of what takes place here.

There may be grander buildings, but what happens inside these walls reaches right to the hearts of people to help them meet Jesus Christ and to get to know Him better.

At the centerpiece is the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship.

Listen to the podcast.

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