Reflection: The Christmas Story

Christmas - feature

As much as I love Santa Claus, Rudolph, Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree and the redemption of Ebeneezer Scrooge, Christmas really is about the arrival of the Christ child, the Savior for all humankind.

The story is told primarily in the books of Matthew and Luke. So we’re going to spend some time in this episode going through the entire story, in order, by merging those two books together. Told in seven acts — or seven mini-stories within the larger birth story — we’ll learn about how God paved the way for Jesus, remind ourselves of the familiar parts of the Christmas story, and learn a little bit more about Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and magi.

I hope you enjoy this telling of this precious, important story to our faith. Have a very merry Christmas!

Listen to the podcast.

Download the transcript.

Published by Todd Seifert

I serve in communications ministry in The United Methodist Church. I love to tell stories, share the good news of Jesus Christ and, along the way, play with the camera from time to time. I'm a sinner trying desperately to do this thing we call life the best I can.

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