Let’s Talk About Race

Clockwise, from left: Rev. Kathy Williams, Rev. Adam Barlow-Thompson, Garlinda Burton and Rev. Ashley Prescott Barlow-Thompson.

We may never be able to conquer racism if we don’t start openly talking about racism and the way it impacts our entire society.

In this episode, Todd talks with the Rev. Kathy Williams, an African-American pastor serving a small town in Kansas, who talks about the silence she observed after the death of George Floyd. She shares how she dealt with the silence and got people talking — in a loving way — about racism.

He also talks with Garlinda Burton, who will begin serving as interim general secretary of The United Methodist Church’s General Commission on Religion and Race starting Sept. 1. She shares GCORR’s mission, its goals and talks about addressing white privilege and how white Christians can put their privilege to use as advocates for people of color.

And Todd talks to the Rev. Adam Barlow-Thompson and the Rev. Ashley Prescott Barlow-Thompson, who lead the Neighboring Movement. This relationships-based ministry may be a key to helping people reach outside their usual circle of friends to build real bonds with people regardless of skin color or economic status.

Download the episode.

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