Church of the Resurrection celebrates its 30th anniversary

In October 1990, a relatively small group of people met for worship for the first time — in a funeral home. With a name that was somewhat tongue-in-cheek because of its location but also a theological statement because of its dedication to Jesus Christ, United Methodist Church of the Resurrection was born.

The congregation made a pitstop at an elementary school before settling in the first of what is now a five-campus church in Leawood, Kansas, campus. Led by a then 25-year-old pastor and now world-renowned author, Rev. Adam Hamilton, from that humble beginning started a congregation that is now the largest in the entire denomination.

The congregation is celebrating its 30th anniversary in October 2020, so Hamilton and a few leaders in the congregation sat down with Todd Seifert for a new episode of the “In Layman’s Terms” podcast.

Download the episode.

View a photo album from the church’s celebration weekend.

Read a story by David Burke of the Great Plains Conference.

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