Let’s Build: Embracing the New Normal

A man prays against the Western (or Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem in January 2019.

As we come nearer and nearer to being able to return to life from our in-home exiles, we are embarking on a new series for the “In Layman’s Terms” podcast focused on rebuilding our communities and strengthening our spiritual disciplines.

Using the stories from the Old Testament history books of Ezra and Nehemiah, the goal is to share stories about how people and churches are preparing to re-engage with their congregations, their communities and with God through their own faith practices.

This first episode in the series sets the stage by taking a brief look at Jewish history and the way people in Jerusalem viewed the foundation being set for the new temple after their return from the Babylonian exile.

Have ideas from your church? Or are you doing something to strengthen your spiritual disciplines? Contact Todd Seifert at tseifert@greatplainsumc.org.

Published by Todd Seifert

I serve in communications ministry in The United Methodist Church. I love to tell stories, share the good news of Jesus Christ and, along the way, play with the camera from time to time. I'm a sinner trying desperately to do this thing we call life the best I can.

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