South Central Jurisdiction Candidates for Bishop

The “In Layman’s Terms” podcast, hosted by Todd Seifert, Great Plains Conference communications director, has provided a short series of brief interviews involving the seven known candidates for bishop in the South Central Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church.
Each of the candidates was asked the same questions to help laity and clergy across the Great Plains and the jurisdiction get to know the candidates a little better prior to the elections Nov. 2-5 in Houston.
Each episode is 22 to 27 minutes in length.
Rev. Dee Williamston, director of clergy excellence and assistant to the bishop in the Great Plains Conference.

Rev. Dr. David Wilson, assistant to the bishop in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference.

Rev. Dr. Laceye Warner, associate dean for Wesleyan Engagement and the Royce and Jane Reynolds associate professor of evangelism and Methodist studies at Duke University Divinity School.

Rev. Dr. Eddie Rivera, provost of the New Mexico Conference.

Rev. Dr. Randall Partin, senior pastor of St. John’s United Methodist Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Rev. Laura Merrill, Capital District Superintendent in the Rio Texas Conference.

Rev. David Gilmore, Northwest District Superintendent in the Missouri Conference.

Published by Todd Seifert

I serve in communications ministry in The United Methodist Church. I love to tell stories, share the good news of Jesus Christ and, along the way, play with the camera from time to time. I'm a sinner trying desperately to do this thing we call life the best I can.

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