Reflection: Jesus as the light of the world

In this Bible-teaching episode, Todd Seifert shares a reflection on John 1:1-18 and explains how the opening poetry of this gospel introduces Jesus as the light of the world. Learn how the darkness in the shadows of life don’t have to be permanent, nor do they have to be scary, because Jesus will be theContinue reading “Reflection: Jesus as the light of the world”

Institute in small college makes disciples worldwide

Southwestern College — home of the Mound Builders — is tucked away in Winfield, Kansas, a small school in a small town southeast of Wichita. And tucked away on one corner of this secluded campus is the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship. A quick glance reveals nothing grand. It’s a fine building, butContinue reading “Institute in small college makes disciples worldwide”

Podcast — Technology as an Evangelism Tool

The days of opening the church doors to find a waiting crowd eager to take their seats are long since gone. Now, many other activities occupy people on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. So, how can you make a connection? In this episode, we look at three churches — two in Nebraska and oneContinue reading “Podcast — Technology as an Evangelism Tool”

Podcast — Greensburg, KS: A Resurrection Story

In this premiere episode of my podcast, I tell a story about brokenness and resurrection of an entire town. Back in March, the first of a series of devastating floods damaged hundreds of homes in Nebraska. In the spring, a massive tornado destroyed or damaged homes in several communities in northeast Kansas. And later thisContinue reading “Podcast — Greensburg, KS: A Resurrection Story”