South Central Jurisdiction Candidates for Bishop

The “In Layman’s Terms” podcast, hosted by Todd Seifert, Great Plains Conference communications director, has provided a short series of brief interviews involving the seven known candidates for bishop in the South Central Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church.
Each of the candidates was asked the same questions to help laity and clergy across the Great Plains and the jurisdiction get to know the candidates a little better prior to the elections Nov. 2-5 in Houston.
Each episode is 22 to 27 minutes in length.
Rev. Dee Williamston, director of clergy excellence and assistant to the bishop in the Great Plains Conference.

Rev. Dr. David Wilson, assistant to the bishop in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference.

Rev. Dr. Laceye Warner, associate dean for Wesleyan Engagement and the Royce and Jane Reynolds associate professor of evangelism and Methodist studies at Duke University Divinity School.

Rev. Dr. Eddie Rivera, provost of the New Mexico Conference.

Rev. Dr. Randall Partin, senior pastor of St. John’s United Methodist Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Rev. Laura Merrill, Capital District Superintendent in the Rio Texas Conference.

Rev. David Gilmore, Northwest District Superintendent in the Missouri Conference.

Future of the UMC — Where We Have Been

Our short series on the future of The United Methodist Church continues with a look at the history of the human sexuality debate within the denomination. Todd is joined this time by Rev. David Livingston and Randall Hodgkinson, who provide their perspectives and some historical context to what has happened since the first debate in 1972 through today.

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Future of the UMC — Where Things Stand

A new series looking at the future of The United Methodist Church kicks off with this episode that examines where things stand at this moment in the life of the denomination. The series kicks off with an interview with the Rev. Adam Hamilton, lead pastor of United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, the largest congregation in the denomination based in Leawood, Kansas, but with five campuses across the Kansas City area. He also is the leader of the Great Plains Conference’s delegation to General Conference.

This episode provides an overview of the current state of The United Methodist Church.

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Songs of Faith: “Amazing Grace”

One of the most amazing conversion stories involves a sailor named John Newton. Once a captain of a slave ship, he eventually repented and became an Anglican priest who wrote the beloved hymn “Amazing Grace.” But the journey Newton took from slave ship operator to abolitionist was long and winding. See how his journey led to the writing of a song that talks all about repentance, redemption and God’s forgiveness.

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Songs of Faith: “Be Thou My Vision”

Mothers help protect and nurture us. They also help cast a vision for our lives. We use the story of Jochebed and Moses to help celebrate Mother’s Day as we spotlight the song “Be Thou My Vision.”

Thanks again to Todd’s wife, Rev. Amy Seifert, for playing the featured song for this episode on piano.

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Songs of Faith: “It is Well with My Soul”

The hymns we sing shape us. So what shaped the hymns? “It is Well with My Soul” comes from a haunting cable after a shipwreck and is testimony to the amazing faith of Horatio Spafford. See how Jesus calmed the sea in the Bible and how He can calm the rugged seas in your life, too.

As a quick aside, Todd wishes to thank his amazingly talented wife, Rev. Amy Seifert, for providing the background piano music featuring each episode’s featured hymn throughout this series.

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Doubting Thomas — Believe it … or Not

Poor Thomas was really no different than any of the other disciples. He needed to see the wounds on Jesus’ body before he believed. Using the story of Thomas and the creative tales from Robert Ripley — of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” fame, we explore how we have seen the risen Christ in action in our lives and how we can help others see Jesus in the world today.

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