Advent 2021: The Redemption of Scrooge — Love

As we continue with the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, the Ghost of Christmas Present teaches our lead character three important aspects of love: Showing love by being part of a community, showing love by showing mercy to others, and showing love in true, genuine relationships with those closest to us.

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Advent 2021: The Redemption of Scrooge — Peace

Our advent series focused on redemption continues, as does our exploration of the classic story “A Christmas Carol.” In this episode, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, and the miser starts to recognize that his life doesn’t have to be as lonely and miserable as it has become. Scrooge is starting to understand that he can have a sense of peace.

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In the episode, Todd mentions the Festival of Nativities at Centenary United Methodist Church in Lawrence, Kansas. The hours and location of the festival are in the image below.

Advent 2021: The Redemption of Scrooge — Hope

Advent is all about the anticipation of the arrival of the Christ child. But why did Jesus come to live among humans in the first place? To provide an opportunity for redemption for all of us. In this four-episode series, we explore our redemption by following the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge from the classic tale, “A Christmas Carol,” by Charles Dickens. As old Scrooge is changed, we will see the themes of Advent come to life. We start with “Hope.”

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Gratitude part 3 — Thanks … In Jesus’ Name

Todd concludes a special three-part series on showing gratitude to God during the week of Thanksgiving 2021 with a study of how Jesus gave thanks.

Unlike many of us, Jesus didn’t just give thanks for what already had happened, but He also thanked God prior to performing miracles and before willingly dying for humankind — lessons in showing great faith that God would provide what was needed.

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Gratitude part 2 — King David’s Guide to Giving Thanks: the Psalms

Our special three-part series on giving thanks to God continues with an examination of how King David showed his gratitude toward God:

  • Looking back at what God already had done for him and the Israelite people.
  • Praising the traits and truths of God.
  • Understanding God listens to our prayers.
  • Having faith that God will answer.

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Gratitude part 1 — Giving Thanks in Good Times & Bad

In a special three-part series the week of Thanksgiving 2021, Todd studies how to show gratitude to God. The series starts with lessons from the prophet Daniel, who showed that we should give thanks to God when things are going really well for us, but also when times are tough.

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CLMs Part 3 — The Academy for Small Membership Church Ministries

Todd continues his series on certified lay ministry with an interview with the Rev. Dr. Carl Ellis. Besides being a retired elder serving two rural churches in southeast Kansas, Carl is the founder and leader of The Academy for Small Membership Church Ministries. In this episode, Carl shares his views on lay ministry and provides an update on changes regarding the academy — plus a special online workshop planned for late February.

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